Violet + The Vicarage Two Day Workshop: 19-20 November 2016

Violet + The Vicarage Two Day Workshop: 19-20 November 2016


Kristin and Claire believe that food photography is about more than putting a tasty dish in front of a digital camera.

It’s about where the foraged berries come from and why the crumble is slightly burned. It’s about the table you gather around and the plates you pass from one to the other. The woody smell of cardamom, the glaze on the pottery, the gift of hospitality.  

It’s about the fruits of the earth and the work of harvesting hands.   

In the end food photography is as much about your imagination as it is the raw ingredients. They believe it’s fundamentally about storytelling.

On this workshop Claire and Kristin want to take you behind the scenes and show you how this works. You’ll spend a day in the vicarage and a day at the Violet’s bakery, both in Hackney. 

You’ll learn how to prepare the food, use props, make the most of natural daylight and how to manage timing.  You’ll work with backdrops, find out the difference between studio and location shoots and learn the tricks of post production.

You’ll find out how mastering the technical stuff releases you to do the creative work that will transform your photographs and enable your stories to come alive. 

Claire and Kristin will also be joined by guest collaborators Aesme Flowers, who will be leading an arrangement demo as part of the workshop.

This workshop is for you if you are an aspiring food stylist or photographer. If you blog or you work in the food industry you are sure to enhance your skills. It is hoped that participants will also have an opportunity to learn from one another as well Kristin and Claire.

You should have a 35 mm digital camera with knowledge of how to shoot on manual and ideally you will also have a laptop with a means of uploading images.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days and the fee is all inclusive. 

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